Why Choose PCR Over the Competition?

The PCR Performance Module focuses on increasing power to the wheels while optimizing fuel efficiency for the most miles per gallon. To achieve this, the PCR Performance Module completely revamps the air and fuel mixture going in to allow for the most efficient burning of the fuel possible. Our PCR Performance Module safely puts out the most performance within factory parameters to date. Essentially, adding up to 60 Horsepower and up to 8 MPG for you to enjoy on the road!

Our Top-Rated Technical Support and Customer Service teams are here to assist you at every turn as well. Better yet, we make sure to include a "specific" to your vehicle Installation Guide, instead of shipping a "generic" Installation Guide like our competitors. This cuts down on installation time when our product is delivered, leaving out the need to contact any support for the correct diagrams to your vehicle. Everything you need to install properly the first time is included. Making our installation a simple 5 minute process when ordering the PCR Performance Module.

With our PCR Performance Module, the only changes that are made to your engine are the ones that matter to you, power and fuel efficiency. Most big name programmers on the market will cost well over $300 and offer changes that the average driver will never need or want to understand, attributing to its high cost. These big name programmers are known to VOID your factory warranty due to its invasive “overwriting” of the ECU, pushing the engine beyond its limits, and eventually causing some parts to fail prematurely. With our chip directly sending the data to your ECU, it will NEVER void the warranty under any circumstances or cause premature wear on parts. If you would like to go back to factory original settings, simply unplug the PCR Performance Module and everything goes back to its original settings instantly. Leaving behind no traces or footprints.


 Buy Today and Start Saving Tomorrow!

              Below is a closer look at the fuel savings to be had over a one year period.