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Is this a universal module that will fit any vehicle?

No, each module is programmed to only be compatible for the vehicle it is listed for. Although some vehicles share similar parameters, each application is different based on your vehicle's ECU. (Engine Size & Model Year)

Does it come with instructions? 

Each order from us comes with a PCR Performance Chip Installation Guide that is "specific" to your exact vehicle. Our competitor's will only send you a "generic" installation guide, until you contact their support for the correct instructions specific to your vehicle. This is a waste of time in our opinion. Our product is the only true 5-10 minute install, once delivered.

How much horsepower should I expect?

If your engine is 100% stock, you should expect to see an increase of 30-35 horsepower using our product. If you have modifications such as a cold air intake system, throttle body upgrades, full exhaust systems, high flow downpipes if applicable, upgraded intercoolers and so on, you could gain up to 60 horsepower over baseline.  (Suggested for higher displacement engines such as V6's and V8's)

How much gas will I save?

Our modules improve fuel efficiency by giving the driver greater control over how the power is delivered. Since throttle response is drastically improved upon, it is up to the driver to drive normally in order to see an increase in miles per gallon. Please note: If the driver is heavy on the gas pedal due to the added performance or simply continues to drive in a "spirited/aggressive" style, an increase in MPG is not possible. This is the fine line between performance upgrades and fuel efficiency. 

I have an aftermarket Cold Air Intake installed. Can they both be used together?

Yes, our products are fully compatible with all aftermarket cold air intake systems.

I have a Programmer/Tuner installed. Can they both be used together?

Yes, our products are fully stackable and compatible with other Programmers and Tuners.

My engine is Supercharged or Turbocharged. Can they both be used together?

Yes, our products are usually fully compatible with Supercharged or Turbocharged engines. Please e-mail us to verify compatibility.

Is the module compatible with 2WD, 4WD and AWD vehicles?

Yes, our products are fully compatible with all 2WD and 4WD/AWD drivetrains. 

I have an Automatic or Manual Transmission. Will it still work? 

Yes, our products are fully compatible for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Will the PCR Performance Module void my warranty? 

No, our product will not void your vehicles warranty since you are protected by law under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The vehicle manufacturer cannot simply void your entire vehicles warranty due to an aftermarket accessory. Most new car dealers will try to give you a hard time about any modification at all, for this reason we recommend simply removing the module before going in for a service/maintenance interval to avoid any potential issues with the dealer. Please note: Our modules do not leave behind any footprints in the ECU, so simply removing the module, will make going to the dealer for service a non-issue.

Will the PCR Performance Module damage my vehicles engine? 

No, it is simply not possible when using our module. Since our PCR Performance Module merely sends a continuous signal to the ECM, it triggers the Factory Engine Control Module to adjust itself for a more optimum fuel mixture and timing curve, which means that you're fully protected by the built-in safeguards in your Factory Engine Control Module. Put simply, our modules only work within the factory parameters and cannot cause any minor or permanent damage at all.

Are OBDII chip installs more effective than IAT sensor chip installs?

From what we can see, most if not all OBDII chips that are under $150 MSRP are not doing anything to the ECU at all. No flashing, no rewrites of any parameters. We do not carry any OBDII products here at PCR. 

Please understand that there are many false reviews for our PCR Modules by those that don't understand how IAT sensor chips work across all makes of vehicles. Overgeneralizing and speaking for all possible makes and models is not how it works. Different manufacturers have different ways of going about how Air to Fuel ratios are mapped or corrected. Considering mostly the EU vehicles have the strictest ECU parameters, which is why we don't sell for most of those makes. (ie. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.)